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Thursday, March 21, 2013


The Imagination of a Writer By Tamera Lawrence

If you have ever wondered, writer’s brains seem to be wired just a bit differently than others. For example, I’ve had people ask me ‘How in the world do you write a book?’ It can be a bit intimidating, but once you allow your imagination to run free, it can be as simple as racing to get your thoughts on paper!

How do you think like a writer? I have a quick, easy test to determine the answer. Have you ever been driving (or riding) past a neighborhood and noticed some interesting homes? Some people may admire the design, structure or large backyard etc, while a writer may wonder who is inside this home? What is their life like? Are their children in the home? Are they happy? Sad? You get the idea. All of these elements are questions that can develop into a novel. Try it sometime! You may be writing your first novel without even realizing it!
I used this same approach when writing “The Pond.”

"The Pond" is available in Kindle Format for $2.99 and you can Purchase Here

"The Pond" is also available in Paperback for $16.95 and can be Purchased Here!

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