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Monday, March 25, 2013


AUTHOR TAMERA LAWRENCE: Bump in the Night: Things that go BUMP in the night (or day) Do you remember the first time you spent the night alone? Perhaps it was in a big home ...

Bump in the Night

Things that go BUMP in the night (or day)

Do you remember the first time you spent the night alone? Perhaps it was in a big home or maybe an apartment. Were you scared? I think everyone has an unsettling feeling when they know they are alone. Suddenly, it’s as if you can hear every creak and groan of the home settling and the wind sounds a bit more mysterious.

I have a friend that recently did some house-sitting for her boss while she was out of town. She called me and we chatted on the phone for awhile and then she decided to call it a night. She began turning out the various lamps and lights on her way out of the room and made her way up the stairs to the guest bedroom.

Just as she was turning the corner at the top of the stairs, she got the distinct feeling that someone was right behind her. Have you ever had that feeling? I know I have. But, I’m not sure what causes it. Is it fear? Is it the ghost of your Aunt Mattie from the past paying a visit? In any event, I know this feeling well.

When I was writing “The Pond,” I wondered what would happen if we could easily communicate with the dearly departed. Especially if it involved unresolved feelings or emotions. The idea was intriguing to me. Would the dearly departed be forgiving? Or, do they hold a grudge?

I guess it depends on what really happened. I wonder if the main character, Mike remembers the entire accident of his best friend? It might be why things go bump in the night…or day.

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Thursday, March 21, 2013


The Imagination of a Writer By Tamera Lawrence

If you have ever wondered, writer’s brains seem to be wired just a bit differently than others. For example, I’ve had people ask me ‘How in the world do you write a book?’ It can be a bit intimidating, but once you allow your imagination to run free, it can be as simple as racing to get your thoughts on paper!

How do you think like a writer? I have a quick, easy test to determine the answer. Have you ever been driving (or riding) past a neighborhood and noticed some interesting homes? Some people may admire the design, structure or large backyard etc, while a writer may wonder who is inside this home? What is their life like? Are their children in the home? Are they happy? Sad? You get the idea. All of these elements are questions that can develop into a novel. Try it sometime! You may be writing your first novel without even realizing it!
I used this same approach when writing “The Pond.”

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013


AUTHOR TAMERA LAWRENCE: THINK YOUR SAFE AT THE MOVIES?: THINK YOU'RE SAFE AT THE MOVIES?  Like everyone else, I was stunned by the horrific event on July 20, 2012 when a gunman opened fi...

Saturday, March 16, 2013



Like everyone else, I was stunned by the horrific event on July 20, 2012 when a gunman opened fire in Colorado at a movie theater, killing 12 and wounding 58. Days later, I had watched THE DARK KNIGHT RISES at my local movie theater. But my eyes strayed towards the exits, the people in attendance. I couldn't help but sit there and think, what would I do if a gunman stood up and started shooting? What would I do if someone suddenly broke in through the exit door, gun in hand. What if I had a child with me? My mind whirled with possibilities.  

But as time goes by, some of us tend to forget and let our guard down - especially me. 

March 15th, 2013 THE CALL movie drew my attention. I wanted to see the new thriller and went with one of my sons to my local theater for a late night showing. The theater was half full. But for some reason, I kept thinking about the Colorado slayings. I suppose it was a premonition. Perhaps the name of the movie should have said it all.

THE CALL was a good movie. It was about a 911 operator, who gets involved in a kidnapping. It kept my attention. At the climax, everyone was on edge, rooting for the women in the flick. People were yelling behind me as audiences tend to do. But then a man's voice broke out. 

     "Shut the f**** up" 

     This remark was ignored by most. But then someone replied. More words were exchanged - most just lost in the murmurs of the audience.

     I ignored this as the movie ended. After all, I have heard this kind of yelling before in the movies. People can get hot at one another for wrecking a good movie. The lights came on. My son and I were sitting in the middle of the theater. My son stepped out onto the stairway and went down ahead of me. I was about to  follow him when a man and his girlfriend rudely brushed in front of me and descended. I stepped in behind them. 

   What happened next happened in seconds. One minute I was behind this young couple and the next, I was suddenly shoved hard and fell back on the step as the young man came flying back into me. A fight had broke out. Another larger male was pummeling the younger man in the face in front of me. Apparently, the larger man was mad about the words exchanged during the movie's climax. Blood went everywhere. 

     The men broke apart. People scurried to leave. But then the younger man yelled something at the larger man, who came back for round two. But this time, the younger man stood up and drew out a gun, pointing it at him. 

    I scrambled to my feet. The gun drew my horrified gaze. The gun man stood perfectly still, hand steady. The larger man ran.  Everyone rushed  out of the theater, save a few stragglers. I had nowhere to go but back up the staircase. A couple of women were still in their seats. 

     "He's got a gun," I said to them. We all hurried along the back row. My son met me on the opposite staircase. 

    When we got to the bottom of the staircase, the gunman was gone. A trail of blood led out of the theater, smeared along the door. At the entrance of the building, a few movie employees were just getting panicked as they scurried about. The movie theater was almost deserted. 

     As we pulled out of the parking lot, cop cars arrived on the scene. I was thankful to be alive and put a call into the police to tell of what I knew. 

     Today, I am reflecting on what happened as my knee throbs from my fall. I love going to the movies, but have to wonder if I will ever feel safe at one again. Will this event keep me from going? Probably not. Events like these lead to stricter security measures. Will my kids be searched upon entering a theater? Will I be able to carry a purse? Our freedoms are being stripped from all of us. It raises the questions about gun ownership? I am a firm believe in the "rights to bear arms."  But its menaces like this man that gives it a bad name. 

My advice: always be aware of your surroundings and who is around you. Know what to do in an emergency. And most of all don't panic. Use your head. 

NOTE: I was told the gunman had waited at the theater for the police to arrive. The other man was nowhere to be found. Will there be charges filed? I'm not sure at the moment. 

by Author Tamera Lawrence


Sunday, March 10, 2013


Below is a fun little trivia test to see if you're really Irish? Or think you are. Remember everyone is Irish on Saint Patrick's Day!  


U S A  (Circle the correct answer)






50                    100                  150                  175                  200                  250

IRELAND TRIVIA (Select the correct answer)

1.       A taoiseach is:

       ____ A Celtic grave
      ___x__The prime minister
      _____The Irish equivalent of Loch Ness Monster

2.      Where’s the craic? Means

         ______ Your’re looking for a fight
         _____x_ Your’re looking for a good time
        ______ _Your’re looking for a pot of gold

3.      If you were served rashers, they’d most likely be accompanied by:

_______ spuds
_______ The finest Irish honey
___x____ eggs

4.      A trip to the Gaeltacht involves:

_______ going to jail
_______heading to the big city
____x___going to the speaking areas of West Ireland

5.      If you are meeting some Irish friends at half-six, you should show up at:

    ____x__ 5:30
    _______ 6:30
    _______ midnight

6.      If you called someone in Ireland “Thick” you would be referring to their

_______expanding waistline
_______close friendship
7.      If you called something “dear” you would consider it:
8.      To change a nappy means:

_____ to put bait on hook
_____ to break up with your boyfriend
____x_ change a diaper

9.      Having a run-in with the gardai means:

____x__ dealing with the police
______ caught up in red-tape
______ hit a brick wall

10    The first St Patrick’s day parade was held in:

____x__ 1762  
______ 1850
______ 1901

How many did you get correct? ___________________

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