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Saturday, February 18, 2017

WITCH: Book Review

Witch (Family Values Trilogy Book 0)

 Living in the vast swampland, Anne LaForest is well known with the locals, who believe her ground is infertile due to her husband’s grave on her property. Annie falls on desperate times., barely able to survive. But if that isn’t bad enough, she has a three-year-old daughter to care for. In desperation for food, Anne takes to stealing a neighbor’s vegetables. When the haughty neighbor comes knocking one day, Anne fears the worse – she’s been caught. But after the women share a cup of tea laced with that extra special ingredient, good things begin coming Anne’s way. Anne finds herself suddenly blessed with money and food. Childless, women suddenly bear fruit. People treat her with respect. But then it happens. Anne’s fame with barren women has reached outside the swamp - 

If only she didn’t open that door...

And so, it begins -  a nightmare of ill proportions.

WITCH written by Patrick Logan reminds one of a dark fairytale – one you can’t help but read. This eerie tale grabs you right from the beginning, leading you into Anne’s plight and hope for resolution. But even as you pull for Anne, you realize things are going to go south and so they do, taking all your emotions with it.

Like creepy tales – this one does the trick. I loved it.

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Author Tamera Lawrence