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Monday, March 25, 2013

Bump in the Night

Things that go BUMP in the night (or day)

Do you remember the first time you spent the night alone? Perhaps it was in a big home or maybe an apartment. Were you scared? I think everyone has an unsettling feeling when they know they are alone. Suddenly, it’s as if you can hear every creak and groan of the home settling and the wind sounds a bit more mysterious.

I have a friend that recently did some house-sitting for her boss while she was out of town. She called me and we chatted on the phone for awhile and then she decided to call it a night. She began turning out the various lamps and lights on her way out of the room and made her way up the stairs to the guest bedroom.

Just as she was turning the corner at the top of the stairs, she got the distinct feeling that someone was right behind her. Have you ever had that feeling? I know I have. But, I’m not sure what causes it. Is it fear? Is it the ghost of your Aunt Mattie from the past paying a visit? In any event, I know this feeling well.

When I was writing “The Pond,” I wondered what would happen if we could easily communicate with the dearly departed. Especially if it involved unresolved feelings or emotions. The idea was intriguing to me. Would the dearly departed be forgiving? Or, do they hold a grudge?

I guess it depends on what really happened. I wonder if the main character, Mike remembers the entire accident of his best friend? It might be why things go bump in the night…or day.

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