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Sunday, December 28, 2014


 By Tamera Lawrence 


Family life was different in the 1950’s for women, who were expected to stay at home and take care of their family. A husband was the main breadwinner.  For better or worse is the motto and divorce is frowned upon. So when Margaret Keane (Amy Adam) leaves her husband, towing along their young daughter, she is met with a stigma already attached. Work is hard to come by for the housewife, who gets a job painting furniture. But Margaret is not deterred, painting portraits of her daughter and other children with her trademark of huge, sad eyes or better known as the “Windows of the Soul.”

 During an sidewalk art fair, Margaret meets the charming Walter Keane, who sweeps her off her feet. With praise and enough ambition for the both of them, the soon to be husband sets upon a quest to find a market for the both of them. It works only too well. Dismayed when his wife’s art begins to sell, Walter claims her artwork as his own, basking in his what should have been his wife’s glory. The eccentric Walter soon hits payday as the paintings, posters and postcards craze begins. But poor Margaret is left out of the limelight, resentful and frustrated by her husband’s lies. Things only spiral after that in what leads to a heated showdown between husband and wife. 

Based on a true story, BIG EYES is a wonderful drama with a few laughs in between. Margaret is an exceptional character, who one can only root for. As much as you want to hate Walter, you can’t help but smile at his quirky character and his sinister charm. 

BIG EYES is a great movie, well written and worth watching. 

Go see it. 

Reviewed by: Author Tamera Lawrence

Author of: 

 GHOST OF MAYFLOWER: A Pennhurst Haunting

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