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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Noah: Movie Review

Noah: Movie Review



Noah. A man of God. A man of faith. A man that was given a great task. That was the true Bible Noah. But in the movie version, Noah I found God and faith both lacking, however it was clear that Noah was given a great task to build an ark - but not to save mankind but to save all the birds and beasts from extinction.

With that said, in the movie, Noah was dark and at times bitter with his God. He fights with his wife and his children. He seems to have lost his humanity towards other living beings and with it all compassion. Noah has decided mankind will die out with his family and no other children can be born. However, this was not the bible’s version of the story, but the creators of the movie.

Although this version of Noah is clearly Hollywood invented, it was very entertaining and did make me think about the true story of Noah. The bible is filled with wonderful and murky tales of the Israelites. Perhaps this will lead to a movie trend into unmarked territory or people taking a closer look at scripture. All in all, I was glad to see Noah and would recommend it whether you believe in the bible's tale or not.

By Author Tamera Lawrence

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Dan O. said...

This isn't Aronofsky's best film. However, The Wrestler, in my opinion is his best film so far. That said, this one is still fine. Good review Tamera.