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Wednesday, July 10, 2013


TRUE HAUNTING:  Book Review:  *****

Ghosts. So many people don’t believe in the paranormal yet there has to come a time where a skeptic might just question their existence. It’s usually because someone has yet to encounter something mystic or unexplained or perhaps they just don’t care to acknowledge its existence. Yet for those of us who believe in God, we are worshiping the most powerful supernatural being imaginable. To be a bible believer one encompasses a belief in demons and angels and divine intervention.  And yet people only want to consider the good in religion, not the existence of hell or its dominions.  

So what is a ghost? According to Ed Becker a ghost is a person who has refused to accept his or hers death for whatever reason and they have attached themselves to a possession or perhaps a living being. To think of one stuck in that realm is sad indeed. 

In 1970 Ed Becker and his wife became the proud owners of an apartment building with 2 units. Ed put his time and effort into restoring the old establishment. The couple would rent out the first floor and live on the second with their newborn daughter. The only problem – there are already tenants living on both floors.  Perhaps one could live with a ghost if the ghost minded itself and left the living to live out their lives in peace. But the ghosts living with Ed and his family wanted no such peace. Ed’s ghosts were determined to make themselves known, brewing mischief whenever they could, creating a morbid atmosphere for the first and second floor occupants residing in the building. This true life accounting of what Ed and his family faced and how they handle the situation is fascinating. This story happened in the 1970’s a time where there wasn’t a lot of help out there for someone in Ed’s predicament and the few experts, including a priest, did little to help the situation.

TRUE HAUNTING by author Edwin F Becker is a powerful, gripping story that kept me glued to the pages. If you never believed in ghosts, you might just after reading this account. True paranormal fans will love reading this creepy tale of a building’s possession and just how far its ghostly occupants will go to try to claim what they believe to be still theirs. A great read by a talent author.

Reviewed: by Author Tamera Lawrence, author of GHOSTS OF MAYFLOWER: A PENNHURST HAUNTING

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