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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

THE POND - Reader's Favorite 2011 award for best mystery

People will ask me where I get my ideas for my books. Like a lot of writers, my stories have rolled around in my head since childhood. Once I  have written a book, the story disappears from my mind. It no longer connects to me. It might be strange to some folks, but to a fellow writer, I'm sure it makes perfect sense. 

But THE POND was created in a different way. The first chapter is based on a real event.

One day, my mother was recounting a story from her youth. This tale involved a poor neighborhood boy, who disappeared one frosty winter. His body was found in a farmer's pond -  not to far from his residence. But the horror of his death came later in the fact that this boy's mother had dropped him off at a friends house for a play date and simply drove away. But the friend, a wealthy family's son, wasn't home. The family had an emergency and had left. A maid answered the boy's knock. She told this boy to go home and shut the door in his face. With no other recourse, this small boy had to walk home and cut across a farmer's field. He crossed over a frozen pond. Or so he thought.... 

 His fate was sealed when the ice cracked. 

This story took place in the 1950's when my mother was just a girl. It bother me for days as I thought about the maid and what she had done. She, in fact, had sent the boy to his icy death. Thinking on her reasoning, I came up with this tale and, in the end, a bit of  justice for this boy.

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